SugarCRM Footer Logo Remove

Hi Googler,

Let us discuss about how to remove the SugarCRM Footer logo..
You all are aware of the power of the SugarCRM Tool and also must be very eager to remove the footer in order to make it look more professional.
So below mentioned are some tricks for removing the footer from SugarCRM Community edition.
1) Open-modules/Administration/ updater_utils.php

Add-exit() ; in between function check_now() and return .

By doing this u can remove ‘powered by sugar crm’ footer logo.

2) Go to modules/Trackers/Tracker.php, line 128, in the ‘logPage’ function. Drop the ‘echo’ statement.

3) Now to root(Sugarfolder)\include\mvc\view\sugarview.php

and modify the line array(show header => true, show subpanel => true………..and so on)

and make the changes to showfooter=>true to showfooter=>false

And then enjoy by making it as your own built tool.

As per the requests, make a reply and then I’ll post the code and path to let you know how to write a custom export query in the custom module.

Cheers !!

Happy Sugar..


13 thoughts on “SugarCRM Footer Logo Remove

  1. Thanks mate, it was helpful … .
    Also, if someone doesn’t want to remove the footer and just want to delete the text from Sugar.
    1. go to include /utils/ mvc_utils.php and remove the line or code below the logpage function.

  2. This is also useful for getting rid of the “Unautheticated content warning” for sites running under ssl (https). I came to this page researching the cause of the problem. I did find that my offending code was in the source of the “Powered by Sugar” image tag – this was src’d from “”. I found this code in modules/Administration/ updater_utils.php and my search landed me here. Following the instructions modified the code and now my problem is gone. It still appears on the Admin page but thats ok. I did not want my users seeing that message after pitching my solution as secure.

  3. Thanks, but if i add exit() in between function check_now() and return, after login the page won’t redirect to home page, so please help me out for this problem

  4. copy in the root folder (not a installation with the folder or either with the database) and then try the above steps, it will work buddy as it worked for me as well.

  5. Need to do the below settings otherwise you will get license violation message.. 1. go to include /utils/ mvc_utils.php and remove the line or code below the logpage function.

  6. Great job, works great even on 6.0 … funny thing is I wouldn't have a problem with the "powered by" logo on every page and even the freakin' emails if they didn't work so damn hard to scare every employee in the company into thinking the community version is some kind of rinky-dink hippy freeware that's going to crash the minute they start relying on it …

  7. First instruction, to add “exit();” to updater_utils.php, breaks user login in version 6.5.14 (and probably others). Sugarcrm login goes to white screen of death, WSOD. It has cost me to long to figure this out.

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